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Belen Pomares

“A family member told me about the Telegraph Ministry Center. This center has done so much to help provide for me and my family. They play such an integral role in my life that there is something present from the Center for nearly every snack and dinner. I’m thankful for the healthy options they provide to families. I got involved with the center 6-7 months ago because I want to be a nurse and want to be in the habit of helping those in my environment that need the help.” -Belen Pomares

Lee King

“I’ve been working with the telegraph ministry center for the past 5 years after a friend told me about the resources they provide here. After getting breakfast 5 years ago, I never left. When I first came here, I didn’t sit down, I had a major attitude, and If you got too close to me, our looked at me the wrong way, we were most likely going to fight; I was a different person. TMC helped me physically and mentally. The Center’s Director and staff began to speak into my life and I began to take in what they were saying and I’ve been good ever since. This center is necessary because they are changing people’s lives; especially those that really need it.”
-Lee King


“I’ve been coming in to get food. After meeting one of the volunteers, I inquired about volunteering. There is a lot of need and people come from far and wide to benefit from the services we provide. It makes me feel good and happy to give back a little-bit. I’ve benefited from the food give-away and it’s an all around good feeling.”